Abstract Submission

Guidelines for Abstract Preparation and Submission

All abstracts must be submitted from the on-line submission system. The submission deadline is set at 8 August, 2017. Early application is recommended, as access concentration is expected before the deadline.

* Please be careful not to forget the password you created during registration, as it is required to log in.

* If the title of your abstract or your affiliated organization does not fit in a single line, it may be written in multiple lines. Please adjust so as that the whole text will fit in one page. As for English description, there are no specific rules for abbreviations. You may use abbreviations established in your organization or not write the whole term.

Abstract Preparation Procedure

  1. Please download the template from below and overwrite it. Abstract Submission form
  2. Please publish your abstracts according to the cautionary note on publication of abstracts, list of university names and abstract sample. Note that inserted charts and photographs must be monochrome.
  3. Please check the abstract carefully, as the PDF converted file will be published on the journal of abstracts.
  4. Submit the abstract you published in PDF format from the Log-in button below.
  5. If you want to revise your abstract, please resubmit the new PDF file from the Log-in button below.
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