Call for Papers


Application/registration of abstracts can be submitted online from this website. Please read the guide below, and make an application at the Abstract registration website.

Deadline of Proposed Title and Abstract

Proposed Title: 7 July 21 July, 2017 (Japan Standard Time, JST)
Abstract: 8 August, 2017 (Japan Standard Time, JST)

  • Presentation format is to oral presentations and poster presentations.
    The poster size will be indicated on the home page.
  • Please obey strictly to the submission deadline due to publication of the journal of abstracts.
  • Registered information may be checked/altered until the deadline, but not after the deadline, as the registration system shuts down automatically.
  • Early application is recommended, as access concentration is expected before the deadline.

Poster Award

Poster awards will be given for excellent presentations.

Registration of Proposed Title

  1. Press the New Registration button above and enter your personal information as shown below.
    Please check you have entered your E-mail address correctly, as we would not be able to contact you if your enter an incorrect E-mail address.
  2. Co-presenters must register separately to the main presenter at the abstract registration website, and enter their affiliated organizations.
  3. Applicants must register abstract category, title (English), keywords, and outline of presentation.
  4. In case of submitting more than two presentations from the same organization, applicants must enter their priority order in the remarks column.
  5. When the application procedure is finished, an automatically generated E-mail to confirm the registration will be sent to the E-mail address you registered.
  6. Confirmation or alteration of the registration may be done from the “Confirmation/Revision” button above.

    * Please be careful not to forget the password you created during registration, as it will be required in confirmation/revision.

Session Categories

Please submit your proposed title under any of the following sessions.

  1. Solution and Reaction
  2. Inorganic Materials, Ceramics and Metals
  3. Organic Materials and Polymers
  4. Surface, Interfaces and Colloid
  5. Biothermodynamics, including Food, Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications
  6. Heat Capacity and Phase Transitions
  7. Environment and Energy
  8. Thermodynamic Databases and Kinetic Analysis
  9. Instrumentals, Analytical Methods and General Fundamentals

Please contact the executive secretariat indicated below for questions regarding abstract submission and registration for participation.

Global MICE Centre, Kyushu Corporation Branch, Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Fukuoka University
8-19-1 Nanakuma Jonan-ku Fukuoka,
TEL : 092-871-6631 ex. 6620 or 6622
FAX : 092-863-0389
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